NOW DO SOMETHING AMAZING. FUNDRAISE.

So you’ve committed to running this race. You’ve put in all the hard work needed to make that happen. Now it’s time to turn all that effort into raising money for a great cause through everydayhero.

everydayhero is the new, and comes with advanced online fundraising tools to help you bring even more goodness to the world!

You’ll get your own free online fundraising page that you can personalise, use to set goals, and share regular updates with your networks through Facebook, Twitter and email. It’s a piece of cake to use on your phone, and makes it easy for you to motivate your friends and family to donate online by showing them just how much effort you are putting in through photos and blog posts.

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Now you’ve decided to fundraise, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your efforts through sponsorship.

Post your effort, raise 46% more!

You can connect your everydayhero account directly to your MapMyFitness app, which automatically shows up your training efforts on your fundraising page. In a recent study of more than 1,000 everydayhero fundraisers in the world’s largest timed run, we found that those fundraisers who did this end up raising more. A lot more. In fact, on average they were sponsored 46% more than those who didn’t connect. For your supporters, seeing the effort you’re putting in lets them know that you are serious about making a difference and you’re willing to give what it takes. And that makes them willing to give too.

Create a Facebook group, raise 67% more!

Research has found that fundraisers who share their page through a Facebook group they’ve created raise 67% more than those who don’t. That’s right… 67%! By bringing your friends and family into a special group designed with one purpose – to keep them up to date with your progress – it creates a more personal environment where you can invite others, directly ask them to help you, thank them personally when they do, and let them know when you’re close to your goal so they can help you reach it. And then exceed it!

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Small actions make BIG differences. For example, adding just one photo to your everydayhero page increases the average amount you raise by 17%, and increases the average number of donations on your page by 121%!

Sending Thank You emails increases the average amount raised by an incredible 80% and the average number of donations by 147%.

Combine these, and the results speak for themselves: an astonishing 264% increase in the average amount raised!

Share Impact Content

How will the money raised impact your cause? Do you know how your charity will be spending the money you’ve worked so hard to raise on their behalf? Ensure you are well informed and know all about what every €1 will help. If you can be specific and tell your friends and family exactly what impact their money will have, you’ll get a much more generous response. For example, instead of “Donate €20” ask them to “Buy 5 coats for homeless people in Dublin this winter.”.

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About everydayhero

From running a marathon, to crossing the desert in a Stormtrooper costume, every day heroes stand up in our community and try to make a difference by raising money for causes close to their hearts.

Since 2007, everydayhero has been helping these heroes, thousands of them in fact, to raise over €100 million online for non-profits across the world.

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Not sure which charity to fundraise for? Why not raise money for one of our charities:

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